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Mike Czarny


Mike Czarny

Mike and Mary in the Morning
Weekdays 5am to 9am


Born in:  Connecticut

Pets?: Boo – Boston Terrier – I LOVE Boston Terriers

Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite Drink: Water, lots of it. oh, and Ice Coffee

Favorite STAR Artist(s): All of them but 2

Actor/Actress: Tom Cruise.  Yes, Tom Cruise

Favorite Movie: There IS only one movie… STAR WARS

TV Shows: Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Fat Guys in the Woods, Last Comic Standing, and I love local and national news!

First Album Purchased: Greased Lightning… it was on 45… anyone remember what that was?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Celebrities You’d Most Like to Meet: Bear Grylls

Favorite Ben & Jerry’s Flavor: Everything But The…

Ideal Vacation: Sand + Water + Blue Sky + small huts where locals try to sell you stuff… or Disneyworld

Favorite Place in Vermont: Grand Isle State Park

What would you do if you weren’t on the radio?: I’d supervise the front end at a grocery store

Something you do too much: Turbo Shots in Coffee

Favorite Snack: Skittles


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