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It feels so good to be back on the air in the Champlain Valley at Star 92.9! I have a 25 year career in radio that started at the age of 19. Uh-oh, I just gave away my age! I left my career for a brief time to concentrate on my family and a new marriage. Now I’m back and I’m so excited to entertain you on your drive home from 3 to 7pm weekdays.  I hope you will share your day with me too!


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Can’t afford a vacation? Fake one!!

Fake A Vacation – When you can’t make a vacation, Fake A Vacation. Fake vacation packages for pictures of various destinations Fake A Vacation Can’t make a vacation or vacations are expensive. How about “Fake Vacation”. Now


McDonald’s is saying NO to the Premiere Burgers McDonald’s pulls Signature Crafted burgers, doubles down on Quarter Pounders The burger chain added the Signature Crafted burgers to its menu two years ago to keep up with competition


Chewy Chips Ahoy recall! Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies recalled ‘Unexpected solidified ingredient’ cited. Some reports of potential adverse health effects have been received, according to the company. George Clooney and other celebrity ice cubes are being sold