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About Chantal

Born in: Good ole Vermont!

Pets?: One day I’ll have a mini golden doodle named Malibu! That’s my dream!

Favorite Food: Pizza and yes, pineapple belongs on pizza!

Favorite Drink: Coffee, Coffee and Coffee

Favorite STAR Artist(s): Maroon 5, Halsey

Actor/Actress: Bradley Cooper/ Anne Hathaway

Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids

TV Shows: 90 Day Fiance, Snapped, Chopped

First Album Purchased: Shawn Cassidy : Under Wraps

Celebrities You’d Most Like to Meet: Barack Obama

Favorite Ben & Jerry’s Flavor: Caramel Sutra

Ideal Vacation: Anywhere in the Caribbean

Favorite Place in Vermont: My BED!

What would you do if you weren’t on the radio?: Running my own cupcake shop!

Something you do too much: WORK

Favorite Snack: Classic Lay’s chips


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