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Mike and Mary: 3 to Read

NYT Beach Reads – Top 3


3 To Read

New York Times Best Seller – top 3 Beach Read


I Am Homeless If This Is Not My Home, by Lorrie Moore

When Finn (who’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist) learns that his ex-girlfriend, Lily, has died, he does the only logical thing under the circumstances: He picks up her reanimated body at the cemetery where she was buried and they embark on a cross-country road trip.

Killingly, by Katharine Beutner

When Bertha, the quietest student at Mount Holyoke, disappears in 1897 (a real-life unsolved mystery), her sister and best friend are asked to help identify why she might have vanished. It becomes clear that the people closest to Bertha have their own motives for wanting her gone.

The Quiet Tenant, by Clémence Michallon

Aidan Thomas has worked hard to cultivate a reputation as a good man in his small Hudson Valley community. No one there knows he is a serial killer, holding yet another woman captive in a shed, where she’s been for years. Narrated by the three women in Aidan’s life — his daughter, his prisoner and his girlfriend — this thriller looks at the tension between his public and private selves.