WHAT’S TRENDING 04/08/2021

Be prepared to fall in love with sinister baby Stay Puff Marshmallow guys!

Paul Rudd Is Tormented by Adorable (and Sinister!) Marshmallow Ghosts in Ghostbusters: Afterlife Clip

Paul Rudd has a miniature problem on his hands in Ghosbusters: Afterlife Paul Rudd is facing adorably sinister ghosts in a new clip from the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The clip shows Rudd, who plays Mr. Grooberson in the film, picking out ice cream and checking out syrup flavors before he runs into an impossible sight: a miniature-sized Stay Puft marshmallow ghost.

Look out for Zoom Zombies! They could be on the road now..

Potentially deadly ‘Zoom zombies’ are roaming the streets, a new report finds

Americans have a new pandemic-related problem to worry about: zombies. No, not the kind that kills to eat brains, but the type that kills because their own noggins aren’t operating at full capacity. So-called Zoom zombies are terrorizing U.S. drivers and pedestrians, according to the Root Insurance Distracted Driving Awareness Survey, released today.