WHAT’S TRENDING 01/13/2021

The Girl Scouts are teaming up with Grub Hub so we can get cookies safely, at our door!

Girl Scouts team with Grubhub for contactless cookie delivery, launch online ordering

With so many Americans still working remotely, how will the country’s moms and dads sell their daughters’ Girl Scout cookies to one another during cookie season? It’s a concern no one has bothered to address since the beginning of the pandemic – until now.

Women are cutting up their bras and it’s super cute!

This ‘life-changing’ DIY hack makes old bras look good as new: ‘I’m obsessed’

TikTokers are cutting up their bras – for a good reason. Recently, user @lila.gellerr demonstrated a DIY hack that can turn virtually any excessively padded bra into a delicate piece of lacy lingerie.