WHAT’S TRENDING 07/31/2020

Werther’s Original is coming out with Fall Flavors and I’m gonna camp out for it!

Werther’s Original Has Limited-Edition Candy Flavors For Fall Like Caramel Apple And Pumpkin Spice

Werther’s Original has some of the best caramel candy in the game, and the brand’s limited-edition flavors are already back ahead of fall. You know what that means? You can indulge in cinnamon-, pumpkin-, and caramel-apple-infused candies a whole month before the season technically starts.

Dunkin is closing 800 stores… but it’s only 8% of their monopoly!!

Dunkin’ Will Permanently Close 800 Stores In The U.S. This Year

Dunkin’ announced this week that it expects to permanently close around 800 of its stores this year. This number includes the 450 store closures inside of Speedway gas stations, which had previously been announced. Dunkin’ made this most recent announcement in its second quarter earning results, and said that the decision would be made with the “goal of setting the U.S.