WHAT’S TRENDING 07/01/2020

You can use a Ritz cracker as a cheese knife!!

TikTok user finds new way to use Ritz crackers

TikTok is an odd place. People are making mini chocolate chips for cereal, they’re trying out different kitchen hacks, they’re dancing, and now, they are cutting cheese with the side of a Ritz cracker. Yes, you read that right. A TikTok user has discovered Ritz cracker are not just for a delicious snack.

What you need to know about masks!

8 Myths About Wearing Face Masks To Protect Against Coronavirus, Busted By Doctors

Face masks are the new black – and orange, and pink, and any other trend you’d care to name. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that people should wear cloth face coverings in public settings where it’s difficult to socially distance, like pharmacies and grocery stores.