Radios & Rattles – Hacks and Fun Facts

Parenting has it’s ups and downs, wins and losses. One week your kid is sleeping through the night, the next week you learn which infomercials repeat at 3am.

Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered some great things I’d love to share!

First of all with my little on starting  daycare, just about everything needed to be labeled. Well….not really everything, I’m just that nutty with a label maker. HOWEVER. Fun fact….a standard label from a label maker that is waterproof is not steam proof. Thought I was being smart AND cute, putting vinyl pink hearts on her bottles and slapping label after label on bottles for nearly an our…I threw them in the steam sterilizer. All the labels turned black. Here’s what I did, use get heavy duty indoor/outdoor vinyl  from Michaels for about $1.50 each. I painstakingly cut out tiny letter C’s for monograms. The colored shape makes it easier to be spotted across the room if you misplace the bottle. And do yourself a favor, make friends with some who owns a Cricket machine. This project would have gone a lot faster if had one.

Diapers. They have another use beyond…the well…obvious one. I had my husband’s car one day and he spilled something in the cupholder. After visiting the baby at daycare during nap time, I grabbed a diaper that was at the bottom of her diaper bag that she had outgrown, jammed that in the cupholder and voila! In minutes, mystery spill was gone.

Bottle transporting. Whenever you travel with a baby and you’re using bottles, you need to pack those things somehow so they don’t tip over, spill and stay cold. I researched bottle coolers and fancy travel cases and found this awesome yet obvious solution. THIS  Just get a formed cold pack from walmart or amazon, the kind they use for soda or beer cans and get a lunch bag/box that fits it. My old lunch bag worked perfect! The bottles stay cold for hours and they never tip over.

Cornstarch. Not just for baking anymore. Babies have cute and adorable fat rolls. Trouble is, those cute little fat roll creases can stay damp and get red and irritated. Poor Charlotte had a red mark in her chubby neck that just wouldn’t go away. Tried wipes, creams, everything. Cornstarch worked. Just put a tiny put on your finger (you can press your finger into the powder and it sticks, that’s usually enough), we rubbed that on the red spot in the little fat rolls and under her arms. It dried it right up!

Finally, I took this idea right from daycare. Those cute bouncy seat/jumparoo things. Put a pillow underneath for them to jump on especially if they’re too short to reach the floor or the floor is too hard.

This week…got that parenting thing on lock. Rocking it! Next week? Probably sobbing in a corner rocking silently wondering when I’ll ever sleep again!