WHAT’S TRENDING 01/14/2020

There is an actual name for Cheetos “dust”!

Does Cheetos Popcorn live up to the hype? Hoda and Jenny try it out

Every die-hard fan of Cheetos knows that getting bright orange dust all over your fingertips – and sometimes clothes – is a quintessential part of the snack-eating experience. Even billionaire Jeff Bezos isn’t immune to the cheesy condition.

Should we be able to take the day after the Superbowl off?? Fox Sports thinks so!

Fox encourages viewers to take day after Superbowl off work

Fox viewers are being encouraged to take a day off after the Super Bowl next month to recover – and catch-up on shows they missed – in the network’s attempt to ‘create a new holiday’. The television network will, on Sunday, launch its new on-air campaign encouraging sports fans to take a holiday and make the most of ‘Super Monday’ by having a TV binge.