Mary’s Must Reads (Not Affiliated With Oprah’s book Club)

The Best Friend

by Shalini Boland


A psychological thriller!  If you loved “Gone Girl” you’ll love this book. I couldn’t put it down. Darcy welcomes Louisa to town, it a small northwestern town and is now her ‘new’ best friend. Darcy has it all, the house, the status, the money..but she’s also hiding a dark secret. but plays these mind games that leaves you questioning your own feeling about the situation. Their sons become friends and Louisa plans a Birthday party for her son so he can get to know some of the kids from school. she tells Darcy about it and Darcy plans a Birthday party for her own son, same day, same theme and invites all the same kids. Darcy has alot of money and power with the people in the town and PTA. Darcy, happily invites Lousa’s son and tells her they can have a double birthday party, but it’s clear, it’s only for her own son and Louisa’s son feels left out.  Then things take a chilling turn…Why is all this happening? The twist is mind blowing