Radios & Rattles – Huh…well that’s new!

I’ve talked about my feet swelling before. I have plenty of friends who have warned me about foot swelling, buying new shoes, trouble walking/waddling. But something new has popped up on the past couple weeks that is driving me nutty. My hands are swelling. A LOT. Sure, friends have told me about that, too. My Dr warned me I should probably stop wearing my wedding band (which is actually too big anyway so I didn’t think it was a big deal).

Now…the wedding band doesn’t fit, I’m wearing a ring that I used to wear on my thumb as a teenage. I HAVE THUMB FINGERS!

But it doesn’t stop there…my fingertips are CONSTANTLY tingling. You know that feeling when you foot falls asleep? It’s just like that…all…the….time.

Woo! Just look at those white knuckles and teeny tiny band that USED to fit! 

Turns out due to the amount of fluid a pregnant woman retains, it can mess with the swelling of your extremities, including your hands and fingers AND you can develop carpal tunnel during pregnancy! I had no idea! So of course when I went to the Dr’s office for my last visit they asked ‘How are you feeling? Any concerns?’ I immediately said YES! I can’t feel my hands! They proceeded to tell me that is was totally normal. And I should probably wear splints on my hands and sleep a certain way to prevent the tingling first thing in the morning.

That’s the time it’s the worse….1st thing in the morning. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hit the snooze button with no feeling in your hands?

It’s a good thing this is radio…because between wearing compression socks to keep my elephant feet at bay, hand splints/braces to keep my hands from aching after that tingling goes away, a belly band to keep my back from hurting, maternity shirt that covers the belly properly, maternity pants that are designed to actually stay up, changes in complexion in my skin, and sunscreen because you’re more apt to burn when you’re pregnant…

The old phrase ‘you’re just glowing’ really doesn’t cover it.