Radios & Rattles – I’m Going Back to School! Kinda.


I’m headed back to school….Getting my B.A. in M-O-M.


In my past few doctor appts, they’ve encouraged me to take a childbirth/parenting class. There TONS of options, places, topics, fees or free, too. We’ve honestly had a hard time fitting them into our schedule as we’re a house that is just on ‘go mode’ all the time. We’re always on the move, running around, errands, house projects, visiting family taking trips and working…working…working. Imagine my face when my doc said I needed to slow down and rest. I’m like ‘r…r…rest? What is that?!’


SO finally we find a class that works into our schedule. Honestly? I would recommend it. Yes, most of the info you can YouTube or find in a book. But it is nice to just have that info all in one place and have a person available to answer questions 1 on 1. Then you can move on to something more in depth. I had a hard time being convinced to cough up money for a class on just the how-to’s without knowing the curriculum. I’m interested in breathing techniques, hypnobirthing and things of that nature but I think if I had paid for the class and those topics weren’t covered…I’d be pretty peeved.


I will admit, when they got to the part of …here’s how the baby…uh…ya know…makes an “entrance”…I knew exactly what to expect. Nothing new there! Perhaps it’s because I’m a bookworm, YouTube addict, and have this insatiable thirst for knowledge. But as I looked around the room, there were lots of 1st time Moms making that ‘oh man that’s gonna hurt’ face. Meanwhile there’s some even more comical faces on the Dads! Lots of “Do I have to look? I can’t handle this” faces and jaws on the floor. One guy was noticeably squirming, but knew he had to look for the sake of his wife but you could see he wanted to bolt and pretend he didn’t see what he did. Like running out of the theater in the middle of a super gory horror movie.


Should we start a pool on when he passes out in the delivery room?


Then there’s my dear husband, who grew up on a farm and assisted in birthing calves. He’s pretty unphased by all of this. Okay, granted I’m not a cow, I’m his wife, and it’s not a calf but his daughter…so it will be slightly different but the mechanics are more or less the same.


It’s great to see all the options available to Moms now. You’re more informed than as you were in the past. I have family members that are a bit surprised I’m not taking a tradition Lamaze class (you know the ‘hee hee hoo’ style breathing you see in the movies?) I have even more family members that are shocked they allow you to walk around, sit on a yoga ball, calm your muscles in a tub.


If you’re expecting or know someone who is…at the very least schedule a tour of the hospital or birthing center where you plan to have your baby. See if they offer classes or asked to have a one on one with a labor and delivery nurse.


T-minus 74 days and counting and I’m going to dive into my ‘how this kid’s going to make an entrance’ book so I can be ready.


But let’s be real…no one is ever really…READY.