Radios & Rattles – Wait…that’s not gas

One of the most frequently asked questions I get (besides how are you feeling) is “have you felt the baby move?”

That’s the one thing I’ve been looking forward to since day 1.  What will that be like? How often will the kicks happen? Will I be able to sleep through it?! I’ve ready many many articles and have been waiting very very patiently. Everything I’ve found has been somewhere between 14 weeks and 22 weeks. Here I am at almost 24 months (6 months) and nothing. I found out at our last ultrasound I have an anterior placenta, nothing dangerous, it just means everything internally is toward the front, causing a muffling effect. I imagine it’s like my kid it’s kicking  pillow.

Then…4th of July, I’m sitting on the couch minding my own business and I get punched…from within (I know it’s a punch because the docs told me the baby was already head down weeks ago and that usually happens 28-30 weeks…this kid is an over achiever already!)

What did it feel like? Gas. But not. You know that feeling when you eat a boatload of tacos…about an hour later what weird bubbly feeling? Sort of like…only very different. It’s really hard to describe except it does kind of feel ‘gassy’ a bubble.  Nearly a week has gone by and it’s getting more frequent and approx times during the day and night when it will happen.

It’s funky. A bit bizarre. But certainly not gas.