Sunburn Tattoos are the dumbest things ever!!

‘Sunburn tattoos’ are the uncool way to show skin this summer

These folks are having fun in the sun — and risking their health in the process. “Sunburn tattoos,” a body-modification trend that first tried to happen in 2015, is heating up for the summer 2019 season, according to a new Inked Mag report.

All those fancy schmancy toothpastes are not what they are cracked up to be!

Charcoal toothpaste ‘will not whiten teeth and may cause decay,’ according to a new study

Certain health and wellbeing trends can attract viral fame, often helped by influencers promoting them on social media – but not all of them are proven to work. One of these famous health trends has just been busted by research published in the British Dental Journal – activated charcoal toothpaste.