Instagram thinks it knows what you like and here’s how you can view it:

Instagram lets you see what it thinks you like, and the results are bizarre

Most of my Instagram ads make sense, even if it’s a depressing kind of sense. (I am served a lot of ads for Tums.) But there are a few that, for the life of me, I cannot figure out. Why is Instagram so invested in me purchasing fishing lures?


“Let’s get a beer” after your work out is actually a good idea!

Alcohol is now being marketed as a ‘wellness’ drink

Millennials are toasting to the wellness booze trend. Young adults today are imbibing less than previous generations, and many have kicked the habit altogether, preferring to make sobriety the hip choice. At the same time, health-conscious millennials are spending more money at the gym, even making group-fitness birthday celebrations a thing.