Pringles is releasing a new mystery flavor at Walgreens. Can you guess what it is???

Pringles Is Releasing A Mystery Flavor And You Could Win $10,000 For Guessing It Right

A brand-new Pringles flavor is exclusively hitting Walgreens … but we have no idea what the flavor is. That’s because it’s the Mystery Flavor, and your job is to taste it and guess correctly for a chance at $10,000. Easy, right?!


I’m living a  happy life I guess..because I am a clean freak!

Research reveals why cleaning may be good for your love life – digitalhub

By Allison Sadlier // SWNS New York office – 646-873-7565 / usnews@swns.com NEWS COPY w/ VIDEO & INFOGRAPHIC Amidst the trend towards mindfulness and minimalism, Americans are increasingly finding happiness in cleaning – and the numbers are backing it up. A new study examining people’s cleaning frequencies and their personality traits revealed Americans who are “super…