Subscription boxes just keep rising in popularity. I just signed up for Keto Krate.. we’ll see?

In age of Amazon, services like Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club are getting more popular

Birchbox was the original beauty box, and it’s still going strong. (Photo: Birchbox) When it comes to shopping, Americans increasingly would rather sit and wait than head out and browse.

Heinz is now bringing us Mayocue and  Mayomust

Heinz Mayocue And Mayomust Are Coming After People Flipped Over Mayochup

For those of you who lost your sh*t when Heinz mixed ketchup and mayonnaise into one bottle-long live Mayochup-there are two new condiments vying for your attention. Both combine mayonnaise with another sauce, have similarly funny compound names, and will cut your sandwich making time down at least a smidge.