Bad Beauty “Hacks” from the internet that you should avoid!

10 Internet Beauty Hacks to Avoid

Even sworn product junkies love a good DIY hack. There’s something kinda fun about, say, whipping up a mask out of stuff in your fridge (helllooo, avocado and yogurt), and don’t even get us started on the magic of apple cider vinegar for dull hair. But hacks can get out of hand, quick.

Be your own Willy Wonka and create a candy bar!!

Cadbury Wants Fans to Create a New Chocolate Bar

Cadbury is known for its iconic Dairy Milk chocolate bar, as well as the fruit and nut and caramel variations, and honestly, it’s one of those rare things that doesn’t need to be improved upon. It’s simple and delicious and it’s beloved the world over.