Easter Candy! New Flavor Peeps AND Salted Caramel make it to the Easter Candy line-up

I’ve always LOVED Robin Eggs easter candy. BIG fan of Malted Milk Balls! BUT, I may have a new favorite!! Here’s a list of new candy for Easter Egg hunting!! AND a new take on my Favorite, Robin Egg with Creamy Caramel!! -mary-


Easter Candy 2019: All the New Treats Hitting Your Basket This Year

Watch out, chocolate bunnies-while we’re still a few weeks out from Easter, that hasn’t stopped candy companies from cranking out plenty of new treats for the holiday. We’re talking new M&M’s, churro-flavored eggs from Russell Stover (more on that in a minute), and a slew of Peeps you’ll want to include in your Easter basket.