Shawn Mendes Addresses Niall Horan Collaboration Rumors

There have been rumors circulating that Shawn Mendes was going to be working with former One Direction star Niall Horan, and Shawn is now setting the record straight.

“It will be true one day,” he tells “Entertainment Tonight” regarding a collaboration with Niall. “We’re really good friends and we hang out all the time, and we are always like, ‘We should write a song,’ and then we’re planning on writing a song — and then we just end up hanging out!”

He adds, “It’s better off that way because if there’s a friendship, then the song comes easy. So, one day, I promise! I promise, guys.


Shawn Mendes Promises a Collaboration With Niall Horan Will Happen (Exclusive)

Good news: A Shawn Mendes -Niall Horan collaboration is coming! But there’s a catch — we don’t know when. While Mendes is currently working on his third studio album, rumors have circulated regarding whether he could be cooking up some new tunes with the former One Direction member.