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Getting inspired one smile at a time

This past weekend I had the honor of Emceeing the “Girls On The Run VT” event at the fairgrounds, Champlain Valley Fairgrounds. These young girls were so inspiring! I think they were grade school to middle school running a 5k event! They trained for this 3.2 mile run for 10 weeks! They had coaches, who volunteered their time to encourage them to train. Think about it, after a long day of work, am I thinking about running, YES! But, do I do it, well thats another story!

Here’s what inspired me: First, I’m there to get that party happening before the 5K! NOW, I’ve run or participated in many events myself and the last thing I want to do is talk to anyone mostly because I’m nervous because I have a certain expectation of myself and I’m afraid everyone’s going to watch me fall flat on face! These wonderful, loving smiling girls had so much energy they were cheering and dancing to the music and smiling ear to ear, singing every word to all their favorite songs like “STRONGER” Kelly Clarkson! I was afraid they wouldn’t have any energy to run 3 plus MILES!!! They didn’t care, they had fun from the second they arrived, 8:30ish to the start of race 10-ish! AND they had more to offer AFTER the race!

The other thing that inspired me, and man these girls are so smart and unbelievably kind and selfless, is they cheered for everyone! it didn’t matter who or what school, they supported each other! right up to the final runner and every girl that was there ran over to the finish line to cheer in the final runner! and she had the BIGGEST smile on her face! She didn’t care, she just finished moving continuously 3 plus MILES… 5K!

I hope I have as much to offer other people as these girls had for me!