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Mike Czarny

Mike and Mary in the Morning
Weekdays 5am to 10am
Email : Mike@star929.com

Mary Cenci

Mike and Mary in the Morning
Weekdays 5am to 10am
email : mary@star929.com

Rich Haskell

Mike and Mary in the Morning
Weekdays 5am to 9am :: Info to Go

Jennifer Foxx

Weekdays 10am to 3pm
Email: JenniferFoxx@star929.com

Tara Madison

Weekday Afternoons :: 3pm to 7pm
Email: tara@star929.com


Weekdays 7pm to Midnight
Love Songs and Dedications:

Ken Barlow

Tuesday - Friday :: Midnight - 5am

Your Party Weekend

Star 92.9 kicks off YOUR Party Weekend every Friday at 4pm with Tara Madison! We toss in some of the biggest hits from back in the day. You know, YOUR music. Feel free to sing along, with no cares!

Eric Forand

Eric Forand
Saturdays 3pm - 8pm

Born in:  A hospital, of course.  

Pets:  A cat named Bender, after the foul mouthed robot from Futurama! Also, my girlfriend has a dog, Lu Lu, and a cat, Stinky Pete.

Lisa Lemieux

Saturdays :: 3pm to 8pm
Sundays :: 10am to 3pm
Email: Lisa@star929.com

Matt Spaulding

Sundays 3pm to 7pm
Mondays Midnight to 5am

Email :: Matt@star929.com

Jamie Dennis

Email: Jamie@star929.com

Roundtrip with Dave O

Saturday Nights from 8pm to 10pm

BACKTRAX with Kid Kelly

Saturday Nights from 10pm to Midnight

Celebrity Top 10 with Jackson Blue

Sundays 7pm to 11pm


Sunday Nights from 11:00pm to 11:30pm

Viewpoint is a half hour public service program. This program is a weekly discussion of topics that impact our community. We hope to provide you with new information and help initiate educated debate about issues that affect our quality of life - today and in the future.
Mike and Mary
5am - 10am
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