Flaming Hot Cheetos are so important to this mom-to-be that she had to incorporate 15 bags into her maternity photo shoot!

Woman celebrates pregnancy and her love for corn-based snacks by posing in a bathtub full of Cheetos

Emelia Jackon loves flaming hot Cheetos. A lot. While she was pregnant she was hit with constant cravings for the spicy snack, eating 320 family-sized packs of Cheetos during her pregnancy. Emelia even jokes that her Cheetos obsession is the reason her son was born with bright red hair.

What’s the #1 Valentine Gift we are waiting for???

Survey Reveals That A Vacation Tops Flowers Or Jewelry As The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

SANTA CLARITA, Calif., Feb. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Princess Cruises has long been a leader in romance, setting the standard for love on the high seas – from serving as the co-star of “The Love Boat” TV series, to being the first cruise line to offer weddings at sea.