Plus Size or Fabulously Sized? Kmart makes the decision for us and I love it!

The Problem With Kmart’s Relabeling Plus Size as ‘Fabulously Sized’

Today Kmart announced a new merchandising strategy that it believed would put its straight- and plus-size offerings on an even playing field, according to a report from WWD. The first part involves extending the sizing of each and every one of its in-house brands (yes!)

“Would you like to try our table beer”? SURE!

Something called ‘table beer’ is becoming very popular

Theoretically, any beer could be a “table beer.” From the sound of things, the qualifications are pretty straightforward. It has to be a beer. And you have to put it on a table. Table beer. Done. That was a great article. Glad you guys took the time to read it.