Annie Murphy Is Pushing For A Schitt’s Creek Movie



  • There could possibly be a Schitt’s Creek movie in the future. At least that’s the case if Annie Murphy has any say.
  • The actress was asked about the possibility of a reunion in the form of a movie, and she’s all on board.
  • She said, “I mean, I’ve been sending Dan $5 a day in the mail as a bribe. So far, I have not heard back about a movie officially. But, oh, my God, I would be just over the moon if that ever came to pass because I miss everyone so much every day.”
  • She also said, “Just to see Moira again, I would pay a lot of money to do that.”



Annie Murphy TEASES a Schitt’s Creek movie; Reveals she’s ‘bribing’ Dan Levy to work on it

After the massive success of Schitt’s Creek that ran for six seasons, fans of the show are still not ready to let it go, and looks like it’s the same for one of the lead cast members as well.