And Then The Arm Fell Off My Glasses….

You know, those days when you make it into work without slipping on the ice and without spilling your coffee.  VICTORY! Until you get to your desk and trip over the space heater and everything goes flying…..

I’ve had the same pair of glasses for probably 5 years. Lately the right arm has been bending, or getting lose. MAYBE I shouldn’t rest my head on the pillow while wearing my glasses, watching Netflix on my tablet.  I’ve fallen asleep like that and found my glasses on the other side of the bed, on the floor.  That makes for a fun morning, crawling around on all fours at 3am in the dark, stepping the cats tail with his big screetch waking everyone up!!  But, I found them in once piece!

I’ve tossed them in the garbage with the Sunday Times, I’ve dropped them in the driveway and found them the next day.  They’ve traveled with me to Mexico, boat rides in Maine, dead lifting at the gym and even through 90 minutes of Hot Bikram Yoga. WELL, one Monday Evening, I grabbed my glass of water to take my Omega 3’s and the arm of my glasses simply broke off.  Screws are still in the hinge, the metal broke right off.  Now, my glasses are balancing on my nose with one arm holding them barely over my ear!

I thought I would share some of the ideas people had to get the arm back on temporarily and they’re quite brilliant. Super glue, toothpick, paper clip, staple, scotch tape, duct tape and my favorite Plastic wrap, blow dryer kind of like shrink wrap…which I think is actually brilliant.  SO, should this happen to you here’s a few ideas.

As far as what I did? Well, I followed the advice of one friend who said “Go directly to my eye doctor”. I DID and was able to get my eye exam early….. I got contacts to use  until my new pair of glasses come in!

Wearing contacts is like getting a new hair cut. Everyone is looking at me like…..what did you do different? Color your hair? New make-up? It’s the outfit…… Did you shrink?