The Chevy Blazer is BACK!

The Chevy Blazer is BACK And I got the first run….at

 DELLA Chevrolet




For those of you who didn’t realize it was missing….. It’s been since the beginning of Kelly Clarkson’s career to give you an idea of how long its been since we’ve seen the Chevy Blazer. If, like me, you drove the Blazer pre 2004, you will not recognize this beauty!


DELLA Chevrolet  trusted me behind the wheel of the brand new 2019!  Slick Black 6cylinder tork fueled SUV.  It handles so smooth and when that light turns green, I’m off.  No lag time and turning is on a dime. The aerodynamics of the 2019 Blazer felt safer to me too. It was really comfortable to slip in and out of with every stop we made.

People are so excited about the new Blazer,  a taxi driver ask me to roll down my window at a stop light and he was yelling out the window about how excited he was that the blazer was back! People were literally stopping me on the street! The new design gave me a feeling of prestige driving it. I got a lot of attention because is so cool looking! The price, however, is not pocket draining. Very reasonably priced.

We spent time driving through Plattsburgh visiting the Della Dealerships dropping off Orchids to bring some sunshine on a cold day to their offices.  There was plenty of room in the back to hold a box of 8 orchids…  You’ll see how easy It is to open and close the rear hatch door.  Push the button and it closes on its own.


Plenty of room in the back and if you need more room, the back seats go down easily with the latch on each side in the back.  Easy to pull, no tugging and readjusting the head rests.

Nicholas pointed out that the console is just like the Chevy Camaro with dual heating system.  Turning  the heat up or down is as easy as simply turn a dial.  Of course, the rearview back up camera helped me maneuver around the cars in the dealerships when backing out of my parking spots.



Tracie mentioned when it comes to filling air in your tires, there’s no room for mistakes with the Chevy Blazers warning system. When you hit the proper tire pressure, the lights blink and the horn beeps.

Sam made sure I knew how awesome the Blazer handled and I tested it, trust me!!

There’s a toggle wheel, well that’s what I call it, a toggle wheel on the steering wheel that spins through the information on your dash.  Check your Speed, then turn the wheel and see how much gas mileage left with your tank of gas spin it again and it shows you the battery life and individual trip mileage.




The 2019 Chevy Blazer is designed to fit between the compact Equinox and the three row Traverse.  I see it as enough room for fitting an active lifestyle and still easy enough to park on the street.  4wheel drive, SUV and handles as smooth as a small car.

I was excited to see Chevrolet bring back the Blazer and I wanted to get my paws on one , at least to drive around for a day! I wanted to share my experience with you because I really loved it!

DELLA Chevrolet, Plattsburgh!! They can handle your request for a new vehicle.