Lisa Lemieux

Lisa Lemieux
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Hi, I'm Lisa!

I attend Clinton Community College, studying Human Services/Addictions Counseling.  I am a mom of 4 amazing kids : Katie, Andy, Tim, and Ryan. I am an Active Duty Army Veteran! I was a Legal Specialist, but left to go into radio . . hum :)  And, to think, I nearly flunked my High School Radio Class. Go figure! If at first you don’t succeed, right? 

Born in:  Kentucky but grew up in Illinois

Pets?: 2 dogs — Tonka (as in “Tonka Truck” and he is a tank lol) and Bailey (named after the Irish Cream). I didn’t name her but it fits her. She is a sweetie

Favorite Food: Burger and Fries

Favorite Drink: Iced tea

Favorite STAR Artist(s): Katy Perry, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, and Maroon 5

Actor/Actress: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum

Celebrities You'd Most Like to Meet: Brene Brown, Oprah, Joey Logano, and Dr. Oz

Ideal Vacation: Greece, Italy, and Puerto Rico

Favorite Place in the Champlain Valley: Hiking and watching sunsets in the Lake Placid area.

Something you do too much: procrastinate, talk, and Facebook

Yankees or Red Sox?:  Yankee's! YEAH BABY!

Favorite quotes:  “Everyone can make a difference in this world they just have to pick a place to start” and “Life is not for the faint of heart”


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